Luca Sestak Trio

Luca regularly performs and records together with his two fellow musicians Nicholas Stampf on drums and bassist Alexander Broschek.

Studying at University of Popular Music and Music Business "Popakademie" in Mannheim, the three full time musicians met in 2017 and ever since made music together.

Luca Sestak Duo

Since 2014 Luca has been performing with his friend and drummer Johannes Niklas. The two musicians can look back on a impressive touring history, having played numerous concerts and festivals all over Europe.

Luca Sestak Solo

Luca has been performing solo piano concerts since his teenage years. After taking classical lessons for almost 10 years in his hometown Karlsruhe, Germany he moved to Mannheim where he started stuying popular music design. Luca's music is a humorous blend of jazz, pop, funk classical music and bluesy attitudes. His playing brings together emotion soul and groove while also showcasing his virtuosity and skills on the instrument.